Friday, June 6, 2008

Just another day.......

So the oral surgery went fine. He bounced back quick. He doesn't let himself stay down for anything. By today, his mouth is sore and the inside of his lips are a bit irritated from the bars.

He traded in his rubberbands for wires today. The doctor lied. It's not anymore comfortable than it was before! lol He's actually having a harder time eating now than he was before. He has to go back once a week from now until the time he's healed. Anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. It's too soon to tell.

I do know that I will be the blended soup queen by the end of this! Last night he had a very yummy, creamy asparagus and chicken soup. He's not big on any of the nutritional drinks so I'm having to be creative. Did you know that plain yogurt and peaches in heavy syrup make an awesome smoothie???

On a different note, tomorrow is my boy's 10th birthday. He is so excited.

Instead of doing birthday presents we always do something fun. This year he decided that he wants to go to the zoo. He's been planning his day for several weeks now. The weather is supposed to be good......but hot! So long as everybody remains healthy we'll have a fun day. We'll have to remember to pack up daddy's blended smoothies and soups so he'll have something to eat for the day.


Andrea said...

Wow, what a fun time for Bubba! I am glad it is going well. Well, as well as it can be. He should ask for some wax to put over the wires so they don't cut his lips.

Happy Birthday to your big boy!! 10!!!! Can you believe it!!??!! They grow up so dang fast! I hope you all have a great time at the hot zoo!! I am sure it will be a blast!!

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