Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting things done........

We are slowing but surely getting things done around here. The new chicken coop just needs a few more touches and it will be done. It's livable for the girls so they are in there we just need to make sure it is waterproof. It is so much nicer than their old home. And it SMELLS so much better. lol It still smells like new wood and pine shavings. I will post a picture as soon as it's totally done. I still need to paint it too and I'm going to hang some flower pots from the rafters on the outside. Yes, I have big dreams.

My garden area is all tilled and fertilized. I am WAY WAY late in getting my garden in but oh well, what are you gonna do? We've had a lot of adjustments this year and we're just getting started here on the new place so it'll take some time. Next year will be much easier.

Heck, I haven't even gotten my front porch done yet. It's totally ho-hum and needs some curb appeal. But, I have more ambition than time or money!!!

One really cool thing though is that my city boy husband is totally getting into the homesteading lifestyle. I love watching him get all excited over things.

In other news, I've confirmed with my boss that I will indeed take the full time position at school. I fought myself back and forth over this for months. The economy is scaring me though. So are the prices of everything. I went to WalMart yesterday. I had 4 little bags, not even full mind you and 2 of the deli pizzas. It rang up to over $80. I wanted to throw up! OMGosh! I don't know how people are getting by.

I don't LOVE my job. But, it's not bad. I can handle it. The hours are pretty good besides having to get up so dang early. But, on the other hand, I see quite a few people down my road leaving at the same time as me. It's a part of life for many of us and just something that has to be done. So, no more feeling sorry for myself. I need to put on my big girl panties and do what I have to do.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring is finally here........

Spring time is so exciting isn't it? We have so many projects going on I don't even know if we'll accomplish it all. We're in the process of building the chickens some new digs and I am soooo behind on my gardening. My plants should be in the ground like a week ago!! Oh well, it'll all work out. I hope!

We have the week off from school. Yippee! I needed a break from that cafeteria. It feels so good and so "normal" to be home. I'm still trying to decide if I want to go back next year. I've been praying on that for weeks now!

Our girls are giving us so many eggs these days. Such hard working ladies. If anyone needs eggs give me a call or stop by please! $1.50 a dozen. I'm just trying to pay my feed bill not get rich! lol I really love those girls though. My husband has gotten chicken addiction because he is talking about building a new pen for more babies. Ahhhgggg...... I created a monster. With all the farm type plans he has, you would never guess that this man has transplanted from the city. lol

Well, I'm off to figure out whats for supper. It's so nice to not be too tired to cook. I LOVE IT!!!!

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