Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The middle of June already!

Time just flies, doesn't it? I can NOT believe it is June 16! I feel like half my vacation is over already. And it just started!

There are alot of things I would love to get done over the summer. If I get my butt in gear and really tackle this house and get some freezer meals done, it will make my life so much easier once August gets here. I have to go back to work, as much as I don't want to.

We've already celebrated Kaleb's birthday. He had his closest buddies over and they had a camp out in the backyard. Complete with a campfire and smores. It was pretty fun.

I've always known my little man was smart but I didn't know just how smart he was! He was referred by his teacher to be tested for Gifted and Talented. This 11 year old child tested at college freshman level in several areas on the broader spectrum tests with his guidance counselor. They are having the school's psychologist come and give him some more tests. He also had science/math camp this week with a trip to NASA on Friday. This is a reward for scoring so high on his LEAP tests. There are only about 40 kids from the whole parish that get to participate. I'm very proud of him.

Well, I better get off of here and get some work done. I'm sure my chickens think they are starving.


Amy said...

Way to Go Kaleb!!
That is awesome news!!!
I'm sure he is going to have a blast at NASA!! We went several years ago and the girls had a great time!

Enjoy your summer off - and try to rest! You'll be wishing you had rested when school starts back up.

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness!! I had no idea Kaleb did that well on his LEAP Tests!! How awesome!! Way to go Kaleb! I bet he had a blast at camp and NASA! Sure sounds like fun. He must have some pretty smart parents!!

I too feel like the summer is just flying by. Life just goes too fast the older we all get! We need to get the kids together this summer for some playtime!! We just got back from Utah. It's nice to be home.

Nicole said...

Wooohooo for Kaleb! That is wonderful.

Enjoy your summer off!

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